Thursday, February 6, 2014

My published photos in the Capture my Chicago III book

The Chicago theater captured with my Canon 15mm fisheye. is a site that specifically showcases the Chicago area and its surrounding suburbs by photographers from all over the nation. It's basically a web community of photographers that share their photos online.

Taken at the Chicago Botanic Garden.
People can comment, vote and critique your photos that are posted. It's a big community of photographers that showcase different kinds of photography, from macro to wildlife, to architecture. It's a really nice place to meet photographers around the area.

Taken in Downtown Chicago near Union Station.
Every year, publishes a book which shows the best of the best photographs that are uploaded in their site. This year I was so lucky to have five...yes five photos published in their 2013 book "Capture my Chicago III".

One of my best big cat shots from Lincoln Park Zoo.
The book specifically showcases photography around Chicago with focus on people, architecture, animals, and just pictures of the city itself.

Thinking Gorilla at the Lincoln park zoo.
You can buy the book at Also available on the site are the previous years books.

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