Sunday, October 27, 2013

Joe Mcnally One Flash, Two Flash seminar tour

The seminar all access tag and the course sheet.
Being a photographer, keeping your skills fresh and keeping up with new techniques is always a good thing to do. As what all other artist says all the time learning is endless...and when you stop trying to learn means it's basically the end of your career. In photography there are always new things to learn. From new lighting techniques up to new photography technologies, the amount of information out there is endless. is one of the websites I go to for learning new techniques from lighting to post processing. Scott Kelby is one of those names that pop up automatically when you talk about photography and Photoshop. I have attended some of his seminars and they are really good seminars that you will end up learning a ton of things.

Joe Mcnally is one of the instructors from He photographs for National Geographic, Time,  Entertainment weekly etc. just to name a few so you know he means business. His seminar tour called One Flash, Two Flash came to Chicago Illinois on October 23rd of this year and I made sure that I was able to attend.

The seminar is about using speedlites as your lighting source for portrait photography. He talked about techniques for placing speedlites, the proper settings, some speedlite accessories that you can buy for portable artificial lighting, and a lot more. Usually when I photograph portraits in the field I rely on my speedlites for lighting. I try to avoid bringing studio lights because they are bulky and require more power. This seminar will teach you to exploit the hidden power of your portable speedlite system.

I highly recommend the seminar. Joe Mcnally is a very good instructor...hopefully the seminar comes back to Chicago next year for more. For information on the tour click here.