Monday, August 25, 2014

A lazy day at the horse race track

So people from work had decided to go to the horse race track to spend some time just to watch race horses go at it. I have honestly never been to one and I was pretty excited as race horses has always been a very good subject for photography.

I packed my stuff early that day for the event. I packed my Canon 6D along with my favorite go to lenses, my Canon 70-200 IS USM f/2.8. My Canon 70-200 IS USM lens has been my lens of choice for events like this. As a lot of photographers have said is probably the best lens ever in the Canon lineup. I agree, I have brought this beast to almost every event I've ever been and it has not let me down. 

So we were at the second level of the race track and my maximum 200mm focal length wasn't enough. I was wondering if I should've brought in my 400mm instead. A friend advised me to go down one level and shoot by the railings, which was the perfect idea.

So I stood and waited for the horses to go around the track and I waited near the finish line. I set my camera to aperture priority to isolate my subject from the background, I knew that in this scenario shutter priority would've been the best setting so I can set a fast speed for my shutter to capture the running horses, but it was really bright out and I had enough light to set my aperture open and still maintain a perfect shutter speed, so I set it up that way. With burst mode on I kept my finger on the shutter when the horses were a couple of feet away from me.

The 70-200's excellent focusing speed captured the frames perfectly. And this was my best shot of the day: 

Not too shabby for a lazy day at the race track.

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