Monday, August 18, 2014

Sunrise time-lapse with my Go Pro camera

One morning while near a lake in Tomahawk Wisconsin, I waited for sunrise. I looked at my phone and the weather app said that sunrise will be around 5:25ish. This was the perfect time to set up my Go Pro for that awesome sunrise to come.

I set it up on a tripod by the dock, turned off the lcd screen and set up time lapse mode. This camera is way easier to setup for time lapse than a dslr with a timer. I know because up to this time I still haven't used the time lapse module that I bought for my's still in the packaging, brand new and unused.

So I pressed the button and the camera just shot frame by frame...once every 5 seconds. I managed to take 837 images, and processed everything using Adobe Premiere. All in all it gave me about 27 seconds of video.

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