Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sunset on a trail

Couple of days ago I went on a grassy trail hike. It is getting cold as it is fall and it is the perfect time to take your camera and shoot outdoors. The changing colors of the leaves of trees is always a perfect subject for nature photography. So a lot of photographers rejoice the coming of fall. Couple of weeks ago we went to a botanic garden, though the leaves hasn't completely changed colors yet. Though it is always a delight taking shots at a botanic garden. Although don't wait too long till the trees don't have any leaves at all.

I prepared by gathering the needed equipment. This was a hike so I put in my mind that I had to travel light, so I had to bring ONLY the necessary equipment needed. No extra flashes or heavy lenses that will weigh me down will go on my camera bag. So I packed my 5d, a 17-40mm, and a couple of filters for my lens. It was pretty sunny out so I left my tripod at home. I knew I was going out on a scenic shots trip so I left my telephoto at home.

So I set my camera for aperture priority, and then started walking. Most of the time I was using an f7.1 aperture as this aperture at that time of the day gave me an average of around f300/sec shutter speed at iso 100, not bad for capturing moving grass from the wind, also not a bad depth of field for scenic shots.

A 320th/sec shutter speed was enough to freeze the moving grass.

The trail was really nice. There were a lot of trees, grass and there was even a pond...which I heard was populated with turtles during summer. At the end of the walk, I looked at the horizon and the sun was already setting. So I took a shot of it.

I set this shot to where the pond is being enclosed by the trees and the grass.

Passed this mini creek in the middle of my hike.

That awesome sunset I captured before heading out to the car.

It's only a matter of weeks before the trees totally lose their leaves and it becomes too cold to walk around. Now's the time to do that autumn nature walk!

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