Monday, November 28, 2011

Studio shots for dresses

After the last outdoor model shoot I decided to shoot my models in my studio. It has always been a challenge shooting in my studio during the day as sunlight usually seeps in my windows...maybe I'll have that fixed in a couple of months. Though in this shoot, it wasn't really a big problem.

I slapped in my trusty Canon 50mm f1.8. This is my most useful portrait lens aside from my 70-200. My studio is a bit small so I have to use a shorter lens...something short but not too short that it may cause weird distortions on my portraits. It was the perfect companion for shooting mid body/full body portrait shots. The maximum 1.8 aperture also helps in isolating the subject from the background, though I didn't use that shallow depth of field.

For this shoot I used my beauty dish attached to my 430 ex triggered by a speedlite trigger for the highlights in the top of the head and I used a studio strobe attached to a shoot through umbrella for my main light. The beauty dish allowed me to have highlights that doesn't burn. It gave me a pop in my highlights without being too harsh. For my main light, the flash was softened by the shoot through umbrella enough to wrap the subject in a soft smooth light.

All shot in raw, then post processed then converted to jpegs.

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