Tuesday, September 16, 2014

It's a lazy sunday for me and my quad

Nothing beats just relaxing and flying and shooting.
I cannot get my hands off of my new quad. One sunday I just decided to go into a park and at a school campus and start shooting with my Go pro and my quad. The weather was great with little wind, which is great for flying. I just wished my quad can carry a dslr for higher resolution images but for now my Go pro does the job pretty good.

Taken near a school. 
When flying around public areas please do make sure you know the laws about flying rc aircaft where you are. Please be considerate to other people around you. Also make sure that you are not disturbing wildlife in their natural habitat. I always make sure that I keep my distance when flying around wildlife to ensure their safety and the safety of my aircraft.

At a parking lot of a college.
These images were shot as jpg files and post processed as raw files. That option gave me the ability to tone down highlights and lighten the shadows without sacrificing image quality.

I cannot wait for my next flight!

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