Monday, September 8, 2014

Baby's first studio photo

I love taking baby pictures. When my sister in law had her baby I cannot wait to take the first official studio photos for her baby. It was a good thing the baby was well behaved during the session.

For this session, I decided to use my Canon 6D, and my favorite portrait studio lens my Canon 50mm f/1.4 USM lens. I know a lot of photographers prefer an 85mm for studio portraits but the lack of space makes me use the 50mm more than the 85. If it was outdoors it would've been a different story. The 50mm feels more comfortable indoors and you can frame your shots better than using something longer than that...but then again it's all personal preference.

Since I was using studio strobes, I set my shooting mode to manual so I can dial in whatever aperture and shutter I want. Studio strobes give out plenty of light so I have more wiggle room for my settings than if I was shooting without them. I set my aperture to f/3.5 and my shutter speed to 100/sec. Then adjusted the strobes for the best lighting. I used 2 strobes, one for the main light in the left side and one fill light on the right. Shot in raw and adjusted in Lightroom and Photoshop:

The shot that I loved best from the session.

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