Saturday, September 3, 2011

Testing out the 5d

Been taking a lot of shots with my 5d mk2 and so far I'm pretty impressed with it. I have shot a little under 500 shots since I got it. and so far I've only replaced the battery once and I still have plenty of power with the 2nd load of battery.

For studio shots, the ISO 50 works awesome! I can now dial in a very wide aperture even when I'm using studio lights which overexposes a shot when you are using ISO 100. I have used a mamiya at work and it was the first camera I've used which has a minimum ISO lower than 100...and it was perfect for studio work. Since I cannot afford a 15 thousand dollar camera the 5d mk2 is good for the price. The lower flash sync speed which is 200/sec doesn't really bother me. I rarely use a speed above 125/sec in the studio anyway.

I basically tried out every lens that I have on it. Pretty much 2 of my lenses stood out on the 5d. The mighty 70-200 IS USM is phenomenal with this body. I have been using it with my 50d but the results with the 5d is unbelievable. I cannot believe that I wasn't using its full potential with a cropped body. Another lens that blew my mind away was the Canon 50mm 1.8. The 50mm was the biggest surprise of all, considering it was under $100, it had the ability to showcase the full potential of the full frame sensor on the 5d. If only the 50mm was a macro, can do wide and telephoto, then I would probably just glue that thing onto the body.

Doing shots for stock photography sites, the 5d is the perfect camera for me. The images that it produces basically have a lower noise level than my other bodies...exactly what I need for stock photography sites. I really didn't wanna spend hours applying noise reduction in some of my shots. In real life nobody really looks at photos at 100%. With stock photography sites, everything is looked at a 100%. Even that hair on your cupcake shot that is only visible at 100% will break your photo. Having less noise straight out of the camera is a real nice perk from having the 5d.

I haven't tried shooting birds or sports with it though. But that'll come later.

All in all I can say that it was really money well spent!

Shot with the 70-200 IS USM lens. Shot behind glass at 200mm at ISO 800. Check the details on the snakes face.

Shot with a Sigma 70mm macro. The original showed minimal noise in the shadow areas at 100%

Shot with a Sigma 70mm macro with ringlight attached. Incredible details at the center of the flower.

Shot with a Canon 35mm f2 lens. Wide shot. Distortion corrected in PS. Still shows pretty sharp.

Shot with the cheap Canon 50mm f1.8 lens. The detail is unbelievable. You can still see the fingerprint patterns on the fingers and the imperfections on the side of the spoon.

I can say proudly that these images were NOT sharpened in photoshop...also these have been converted to jpeg format. The original shots were 10 times better!

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