Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Canon 17-40 f4L test shots

A shot I did in the morning before we went out.

I was so excited to test out my Canon 17-40L in the field. So the best way to try it out was to go to a botanic garden near us. We got there around noon, when the sun was pretty high...not the perfect time to take pictures, it was the weekend so it's one of those days where all you do is just wander around and take as much pictures as you want. This time of the year when fall starts is the last couple of weeks where you can take photos of trees and plants in their usual green colors. Couple of weeks more and we will get the beautiful fall colors...another thing that I'm looking forward to.

So I brought out my DSLR and started taking shots. I loved the lens with every shot that I took. It never really did surprise me how fast this thing auto focuses. The USM motor was excellent as well as the full time manual focus. The focus ring was pretty smooth and the zoom ring is as smooth as silk. You can rotate whichever ring with a finger but they are pretty dampened so they don't move when you don't want them too. The lens doesn't change lengths either when you zoom in or out, and of's also dust and weather resistant! You'd have to install a filter in front to complete the sealing though, too bad I don't have one yet. So I was shooting without any filters when I did these shots:

At the bonzai part of the garden.

At the fountain...I remember taking an HDR shot of this months ago.

Sunflowers facing the sun.

Some yellow flowers in the garden. I don't know what they are.

These flowers are pretty to look at. Though they are the worst smelling ones!

Last but not the least, this wasn't taken at the gardens, I just wanted to post it here to show the excellent color reproduction of this lens.

I can't wait to try this out on some wide angle nature shots. I would have kept my Tokina 17mm, but for convenience, this lens is a really good replacement for my 2 prime lenses.

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