Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Marshall County Indiana blueberry festival 2011

Over the labor day weekend we went to Plymouth Indiana for the annual blueberry festival. We got there on Saturday and went straight to the festival. The weather was unbelievably hot...around 94 degrees. Include that with the thousand people walking in the festival and the temperature feels like 100 degrees and above. That didn't stop me from taking my shots. For my kit, I decided to bring along 2 bodies, my 5d mk2 and my 350d aka rebel xt. The rebel was to be used by my fiancee and I have the 5d mk2. For the lenses, I brought along my 70-200 f2.8 IS USM, 17mm Tokina f3.5 and a Canon 35mm f2, I brought a 28-135mm IS USM for my fiancee to use with the rebel. The 70-200 would be my walk around lens for the festival, and the 17mm would just be a special lens that I will use for something the rides in the mini carnival they have there. The 35mm is just something to bring along in case something happens to my 17mm, it's not as wide although I was thinking of using it in the hot air balloon thing in the event. Not a very bad kit combination as the only heavy thing in my bag was the 70-200mm lens. Everything else was pretty light.

An insane ride at the festival.

So I slapped on the 70-200mm on my 5d and walked around the event...nothing really interesting. So I just took some shots of our party while looking for something to buy in the craft fair. There were crafts in every booth, and endless supplies of food and drink. Basically you never run out of something made from blueberries such as donuts, pies, shakes, etc. in an event like that...that's why it's called the blueberry festival, duh. There was a booth where they had birds of prey. I took some shots there too. Nothing really fancy. We then walked around and I saw the carnival!

Since I got my 17mm lens a day before we left for blueberry festival, I haven't really had the chance to try it out. Here's my chance, as I see a huge ferris wheel and some crazy slides. I got so excited that I took the 70-200 off and put the 17mm on, that thing felt really light compared to that beast! I then started to take shots of the rides and the booths.

Merry go round shot with the Tokina 17mm.

The inverter shot the other way.

This was the first ride I shot at the carnival. Looks like a lotto machine for humans.

At that place we have a beautiful view of a creek in the backyard of the house. I still had my 17mm on so I started shooting the beautiful landscape. Most of the day I enjoyed taking pictures of everything especially with my new 17mm lens.

The next day I was eager to see the skateboard/bmx competition at the festival. It rained hard in the morning so we weren't able to be there to see it. Bummer.

At the end of the festival we ended up watching a labor day parade. I had my 70-200 IS USM lens the whole time. Parades are fun because you can take pictures of different people wearing different costumes, riding different cars...etc.

It was a very nice trip! Came home with around 400 shots in my cards.

Girls on horses in the parade. Shot with the 70-200 IS USM.

Man in a tractor with the flag. In the parade.

The kitten we were playing with in the place we stayed in.

One of the birds in the festival. They were all agitated.

A guy in the parade with a hot air balloon thing.

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