Friday, July 12, 2013

Sherwood Point Lighthouse

Sherwood Point Lighthouse
While in Door County Wisconsin, we were lucky to experience part of the annual lighthouse tours. We've stayed for a couple of days just exploring the area just driving around. We went to the Eagle Bluff lighthouse days ago and we were still exploring the remaining lighthouses.

Another awesome lighthouse in Door county.
While staying in Door county we saw a boat tour coming from Sturgeon Bay going around the coast to see lighthouses. The main event of this tour is to see Sherwood Point Lighthouse. This Lighthouse is located in Sturgeon bay and is one of the best attractions of Door county.

The best way to see this lighthouse is from the water.
The boat tour started out in one of the marinas in Sturgeon bay. The weather wasn't cooperating. It was raining. In fact, the schooner that the tour was on had no covers in it, which means we have to deal with the rain. The bad thing about it is that I didn't have my rain jacket with me.

It was overcast. It was hard to get color in the sky.
It was a good thing that the temperature wasn't that cold. One good lesson learned...whenever you're going out to sea, make sure to bring a warm water resistant jacket. I did this when we went to Maine, I wasn't sure why I didn't do the same here in Door County.

Equipment wise, I brought two bodies with two lenses attached. Since we are going to be at sea looking at lighthouses, I brought my Canon 400mm f/5.6 and my 70-200 f/2.8 lenses. Both telephotos for both bodies. It worked out great since the lighthouses were around at least a quarter of a mile away from the boat...I knew I was gonna need all that focal length power.

Another view of the lighthouse from the other side.
When we arrived at the location I just started snapping to get the best possible shots that I can. It was still raining bad and it was overcast. Other than that, taking shots of the lighthouse was not bad at all.

Again, another lighthouse that is pretty much worth it to visit. In my opinion it is best to view the lighthouse either from the water or from the air...just make sure you have enough focal length power to fill your frame with it.

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