Friday, July 5, 2013

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse in Door county Wisconsin.
Door County Wisconsin is a place of lighthouses. When we went there the first week of June, the lighthouse festival was going on. The lighthouse festival is a couple of days of lighthouse tours from edge to edge of the Door County peninsula.

The tower.
One of the most beautiful lighthouses in Door County Wisconsin is the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse located in Peninsula State park. You actually go into the state park and drive for about 3 miles from the entrance till you reach the lighthouse.

Another view of the tower from the back.
The road to the lighthouse isn't too bad at all. It is lined up with viewing platforms where you can take pictures of the bay. They have benches and parking areas where you can park your car and enjoy the scenery.

The lighthouse straight on.
The lighthouse is visible from the road so you'll never miss it. When we got there I was wowed when I saw the rich yellow and red color of the lighthouse. It is beautiful even from a distance.

From the lawn.
On this trip I brought along 2 bodies and 2 lenses. I brought my favorite combo of the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS, and the 17-40 f/4 L. On scenic tours, this combination is really great. The tele zoom covers scenery that you cannot reach with your ultra wide and vice versa.

The lighthouse near the entrance.
It was overcast when we got there but it was still a pretty good time taking photos. I kinda like it a little overcast when taking shots because overcast skies can be pretty dramatic as seen on some of my shots.

One of the most beautiful lighthouses I've seen.
The area is pretty quiet. We got there and there was just another couple touring the area. I'm not really into squeezing myself in an area full of people anyway so our trip was awesome.

Shot from the front.
The lighthouse was constructed in mid 1800's and it shows. It is very nice to photograph especially when you can capture the texture of the old bricks. One piece of advice, when photographing the lighthouse from the front, make sure you have a wide angle lens with just makes the lighthouse look ore awesome.

A wide angle shot of the front.
An anchor in the same place as the lighthouse.
There is a little piece of history written at the bottom of the anchor displayed in the lawn. Just walking around the area, you can feel the rich history surrounding the lighthouse.

When you are in Door County Wisconsin, I recommend visiting this lovely lighthouse. It's got plenty of history and at the same time beautiful to look at and photograph.

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