Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Lowepro Passport Sling bag

The Lowepro Passport sling bag.
Some days when you don't want to carry a lot of camera equipment because you don't need to, you want something to put it in to keep it protected when you aren't using it. Some people don't like camera backpacks. I love mine...but for some people, they don't like a camera bag pulling down their backs. One solution is have a shoulder/sling bag.

For people who don't like carrying backpacks.
This is my third Lowepro bag that I have reviewed here on my site. I just wanted to let everybody know, Lowepro isn't paying me to do this. I have bought this bag with my own money. I have never had problems with my Lowepro bags that's why I keep on buying them.

Pockets on the side for stuff to put in
The Lowepro Passport sling has a couple of pockets around the side. You can use the pockets for holding documents such as maps, flyers, brochures, etc. This is especially useful when you're walking around lets say in a zoo where you need a map in hand. The outer pocket can also hold a small water bottle. In my sample, I am using a 16 oz water bottle with no problems at all.

Enough to hold a dslr with lens attached.
The inside of the bag has a camera compartment enough to hold a dslr with a medium telephoto zoom lens attached. In my sample shot I have my Canon 50D with a 28-135 lens attached to it. The camera can be placed on its side, or with the lcd at the bottom. It really depends on which position you are comfortable with. Next to the camera compartment, you can put an extra lens, or a speedlite, whichever you need more. In my sample shot, I used a Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens.

There are 2 extra little pockets inside too.
Two extra pockets inside enable you to store 2 long items...such as a tube of lotion, lip balm, memory card readers, etc.

The side of the camera compartment has a memory card pocket.
On the side of the camera compartment you'll find a memory card pocket for carrying an extra memory card with case. Lowepro usually has these in their bags which is really useful. Both my vertex and flipside camera bags have these too.

The removable camera compartment. 
One good feature of the bag is that you can remove the inner camera compartment if you need more room inside the bag. This basically converts this into a regular shoulder bag that has no dividers inside. The inside compartment attaches to the bag using velcro strips which are easily detached.
The zipper at the end of the bag unzips for more room.
At the end of the taller side of the bag, you'll find a zipper that you can unzip if you need more room in the bag. You just unzip it and pull the two opposite sides out. This expands the bag to make it bigger. Another very useful feature of the bag.

Here's a short video of the features of the Lowepro Passport sling.

So how do I rate the Lowepro Passport sling? With all the useful features and options, Lowepro simply designed this bag magnificently. The construction is pretty good, with materials that will seem to last for a long time. The price point is pretty good for this kind of bag too. Around $45-$60 online this deal cannot be beat. 

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