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Expert Shield screen protector

What comes with an Expert Shield package...of course camera not included. 
Camera lcd screens are prone to scratches. On some newer models like the Canon 5D MK2 and 3 and the Canon 6D the lcd screen has a special coat that minimizes glare and helps somewhat protect it from scratches. Although I still would want to protect that precious lcd screen from surface scratches from rough surfaces when you put your camera down...lcd facing the ground.

Expert Shield is a company from the UK that manufactures lcd screen protectors for your phone, dslr, tablet, and other devices. I was able to get a protector for my Canon 6D and decide to review it at the same time. I wanted to see how the Expert Shield is different from other screen protectors on the market.

The Expert Shield package comes with 2 items. The screen protector which is enclosed in a clear plastic bag and an lcd wipe. One thing I was glad to see was that the Expert Shield protector doesn't come with a liquid type spray that helps you mount the protector on the screen. This is purely a dry mount screen protector. I've tried those wet mount lcd protectors on my phone before, the cling almost instantly which is a good and a bad thing. They are just a hassle to install. Installing those require a lot of patience.

First step is to wipe the lcd screen with the cloth that is in the package.
Installation is pretty simple. Make sure that the lcd is clean and dust free. Wipe it off with the cleaning cloth to remove smudges and oils that come from your face or fingers. This also eliminates dust that will show up as bubbles when you put the protector in.

Look for the side that you peel off first. Then peel of the layer.
The protector is marked with colored flags for step 1 and step 2. These flags are also used as a handle when you apply the protector in to the lcd screen.

Align the film by holding the step 2 flag with your fingers.  Then lay it on the screen.
When you take the off the film for step 1, make sure that you NEVER touch the exposed side that goes into the lcd screen. This will prevent oil and dirt from your fingers form clinging into the screen protector.

Press on one side then slowly move towards the opposite side to flatten the protector.
The protector instantly clings into the lcd screen when you lay it down. Although it is really easy to pull it up again in case you need to realign. When pulling it up, do it very carefully. The film is pretty firm though and will not bend when you realign it. The wet apply protectors are a pain when you need to realign because it sticks on to the lcd like glue when the liquid is almost dry. When you pull the wet apply ones, the film stretches...not the case with Expert Shield protectors.

Once flattened, lift and grab the step 2 flag.
When the protector is in place, pressing on it from one side to the other flattens it more. The film lays perfectly flat when you press on it.

Slowly peel the outer film form one side to the other.
Lift up the step 2 flag from one side to expose the top film. Slowly peel from one side to the other. The film should stay in place so you'll never have to worry about the protector peeling off form the lcd.

If you see bubbles, slowly push them out with your thumb towards the outside of the protector.
After peeling the top layer, you might see some bubbles that weren't visible when the top layer was still in place. To eliminate this push them out to the edges of the protector. Keep on doing this until the lcd is bubble free.
Wipe the protector with the cloth to take out the smudges.
After all the bubbles are gone, wipe the screen protector with the cleaning cloth that came with the package till the smudges are gone. This also helps to flatten the protector more.

The film attaches perfectly flat and smooth into the lcd screen.
After wiping the protector, the lcd should look perfectly smooth. I hardly even notice the film is there after applying it.
The film will show a bit of rainbowish colors when viewed at an angle.
In some angles, the protector will show rainbowish like colors. This is normal. I've seen this in wet apply lcd protectors too. The wet lcd protectors sometimes do show wrinkles in them after drying out. The rainbow colors don't show up when you are viewing photos from your lcd though, so it really is a minor thing.

Those colors never show up when your lcd is on.

Again, the colors disappear when you are viewing something from the lcd. 
Overall the Expert Shield is a great screen protector. It's less expensive than most brands. What I love about it is that it lays perfectly flat on the lcd screen. I have tried a similar screen protector to this but it didn't lay perfectly on my lcd screen especially around the corners. The installation is a breeze. I installed it in basically less than 2 minutes without the hassle of wet sprays like the wet apply screen protectors. The kit doesn't even come with a squeegee because you won't need one. The protector is cut perfectly on the corners...and it doesn't show wrinkles like the wet apply ones. One piece of advice before you mount it on the lcd is to use a dust blower to blow out the dust that settles down on the lcd screen after you wipe it off. Other than that, it is one great product!
I also have one for my iphone.
Here's a short video on the application of the product.

You can check out the Expert Shield website for any information about the product.

Update: After a couple of days of the screen protector installation, the rainbow colored patches in the film were gone. Leaving the protector a very smooth and transparent finish.

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