Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Perfect Grade Strike Gundam

Being a long time Gundam modeler, I purchased a perfect grade Strike Gundam for myself for christmas. This was actually my first time to build a Gundam in years! I remember the last Gundam that I built was from around 3-4 years ago. So I was kinda rusty when I built this. Actually, opening up the box made me cringe a bit. In my mind I remember the days when I built my perfect grade Wing Zero. That took me a while to finish. This one actually just took me around 15 hours straight. Not too bad as what I expected.

When I finished it, I was so eager to take shots of it. So I took it to my mini studio and started taking shots. These were all taken with my 5d mk2 and my Canon 100mm macro 2.8. Using 3 strobes and my light table. One strobe per side of the model, and one strobe behind the light table. I love how the light table gave these a really clean appearance, especially with the white background. I set my shutter speed to around 125th/sec and my aperture to around f9.

Here are the rest of my shots:

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