Thursday, January 12, 2012

Walking around Geneva Illinois

On our way to a resort before new year, we stopped by Geneva Illinois to check out what's going on in that beautiful city. What's so nice about Geneva is the small shops all lined up...ranging from clothes to specialty cupcakes. We actually bought this cupcake from one of the shops and it was possibly the best peanut butter cupcake I've ever had. The weather was kinda crappy but I'd prefer rain than snow. I have my trusty 17-40mm so I took shots around the city. It's nice to have weather resistant equipment when walking around and it's raining.

One of the shops in Geneva. This place has a ton of them

Walking around the compound.

One of the life sized toy guards in fron of the shops.

I guess this is one of their government buildings.

I took this one while were were on our way home.

Geneva is a very nice place to go to to shop whatever. The best ones we went to was a wine shop, a cupcake shop, and a popcorn shop. There's also an awesome spice shop in there that we are going to to get tandoori seasoning. We'll be back here during the swedish days in summer!

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