Friday, July 15, 2011

Gutfest 2011

While in Tennessee, I brought along my trusty old rebel and equipped it with my 35mm prime. I had thoughts of bringing in my 70-200 IS USM but I was thinking it was an extreme music there's a pretty good chance my camera and lens might be knocked off my hands and into the mosh pit, and boy that's not going to be a pretty sight. So I brought along a kit that is light and portable and at the same time cheap...just in case something happens to it.

The 35mm is an awesome companion to a full frame and even on a crop body camera as it becomes a 56mm, pretty close to a normal 50mm lens for full frame. A very popular focal length among photographers. Though for band shots, you kinda have to move a bit closer to the band to fill up the frame, which I don't really mind.

I took pictures of this awesome band from MD called Partdeath. Great set! They kinda brought life to the audience. Too bad I cannot take pictures of my own band...this is the next best thing to that.

It was pretty dark in there and I didn't want to use a flash as much as possible, though I did sometimes. I had my camera accidentally set to aperture priority which put my speed below 100/sec...not too good for moving subjects. I would've set it to manual or shutter priority so I can set my speed higher, but things happen. Though the pictures came out pretty well.

Check them out here!

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