Friday, July 29, 2011

Great job from THK photo products!

Last year I bought a Slik Sprint Pro II Tripod from BH photo and was delighted with it. I've used it for a year till I brought it to a company event and unfortunately, while I was packing up my tripod just fell apart, like literally just fell apart. I loved the tripod because it's the most compact tripod I have. Inspecting the tripod closely I noticed that the rubber feet have slipped off, causing the lock to not catch the leg when folding away...thus loosing a spacer of some kind which caused the entire leg to fall apart. I felt so bad because I really loved that tripod. My Manfrotto ones are really sturdy, not too portable though. So I was browsing the web for repair facilities for Slik and I found the THK photo products website.

THK photo products is the distributor of Tokina, Hoya, Slik, and Kenko...popular brands for photography equipment. So I looked at their website for warranty and repair information for Slik tripods. Slik Tripods have excellent warranties. Mine was 3 years from the time that I bought it. 3 years is a long time. So I emailed their customer service and surprisingly got a reply within minutes...I'm surprised that customer service reps actually reply that fast! I had received an email from Mr. Glenn Nash from THK photo telling me info where I can send it and what I need. He was very informative. He even told me that if I cannot find my original receipt that I can just email BH photo for that, which I think is excellent. So I packed my tripod and sent it away!

Got my tripod in the mail like 3 days ago, a week and a half after I sent it...which in my opinion is pretty good service for repairs. It came out almost as good as brand new. From what I noticed, it's actually better than when I first got it because they glued those rubber feet in their proper places.

This is what I call excellent customer service. Basically what we need for every retailer we buy our stuff from. So THK photo products...Kudos to you!!!

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