Saturday, January 15, 2011

Eagle watch with no eagles

Today we went to the Elgin public library in Elgin Illinois where there was talk that bald eagles were seen roaming around that area. So I grabbed my trusty 70-200 IS lens, my 1.4 teleconverter and my 10-20mm, just in case I wanted to take photos of the scenery out there.

We got there and were looking around for about half an hour with no eagles in sight. Then from about half a mile away we see one...flying around an area with a lot of trees in it. Aimed my lens into the flying bird but cannot see a thing. And I realize that the 70-200mm on a teleconverter on a non full frame camera is not enough to capture the birds that far.

I captured one that was flying above our heads though but this is the closest I got:

Bummer...So I just snapped my 10-20mm lens and shot the scenery instead. Shooting at around 3:30 pm gave me that long shadow look in photos which I loved for that special effect that I was trying to achieve.

So it wasn't bad after all. I just spent the entire remainder of the day photographing the beautiful landscape.

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