Thursday, March 6, 2014

A shot I didn't expect to come out great

Yesterday I was doing a series of shots for this video that we are presenting for work. We actually shot a couple of frames in our green screen room so we can knock out the backgrounds of our shots easier either in After Effects or Photoshop. It was one rare event that we just used fluorescent lighting instead of strobes for an easier green screen setup.

Then one of our creative leads asked me if we can shoot a person inside a bathroom stall for one of the slides and I said yes. But then I had to use a speedlite for portable lighting due to the fact that studio lights aren't portable enough to squeeze in tight spaces in situations like that.

I then brought along a wireless trigger for the speedlite and a Canon 580 EXII with me during the shoot. I used a Canon 24-105mm f/4 lens because I needed a wider angle lens due to the space limitation inside the restrooms. I then had the idea to make the shot more memorable by having it look like one of those godly shots where light was coming from a single source, in this case, the person who is doing his business inside the stall.

I then asked the talent to hold the speedlite and bounce it on the stall door while I take the shot. I then crouched down, focused, and took the shot. When the preview came out, me and the creative lead were laughing so much at the shot:  

One of my favorite shots this year.

I then processed the shot in Photoshop and added an somewhat HDR effect to accentuate the bathroom floor a bit. It came out pretty funny but I loved the shot so much that I just had to put it in my portfolio.

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