Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wonderland express 2013

As soon as you enter the exhibit, you'll be mesmerized by the ginger house table.
Trains, trains, trains. It's that time once again for the Chicago Botanic Gardens wonderland express. Featuring model trains built around famous landmarks in Chicago, the exhibit is one of the events to go to during winter time in Chi town.

I really do advise people to bring a telephoto lens when bringing in a dslr inside. The dioramas are sometimes too big and some details are only visible from afar. I brought in my Canon 70-200 IS USM f/2.8 lens with me when we went...and yes, you are gonna need that fast, wide open aperture as there is limited lighting inside.

The exhibit is kinda similar to what they had last year. With the addition of some new buildings, it really didn't matter...I still loved looking at every detail I can find in the entire exhibit.

Some trains come by really fast and some of them actually takes a long time to loop around. There were different kinds of trains...from the classic ones to the modern and the odd ones, like a ladybug trolley that went back and forth from one tunnel to another.

The Ladybug trolley that went back and forth.

The houses were actually modeled after actual houses in Chicago. 
The landmarks are very distinguishable if you are from the Chicagoland area. There's Soldier field, Navy Pier, Evanston National Hospital, The Art Institute and a lot more.

The red cargo train.

Another shot of the ladybug trolley.
The trains can actually be controlled by people dressed up as engineers walking around. You can sometimes walk up to them and request a particular train to stop in front of you.

Soldier field!

One of my favorite trains is a train that goes around this one big oval that is modeled after the Chicago Botanic Garden/Ravinia area. It has the famous bell tower inside the garden, the Japanese garden, the train stop at Ravina and more.

That's the old Evanston Hospital on the left.

The train nearing the Ravinia train station.

The famous bridge near the Japanese garden.

The Chicago Botanic Garden sign.

I am kinda sad that the event is now over. Although this year when it comes back in winter, we will probably be the first one to visit the exhibit. This event is excellent for kids and model train aficionados. Heck, it's actually really entertaining for everybody!

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