Monday, January 7, 2013

BlackRapid RS-Sport-2

BlackRapid RS-Sport-2
Using the stock camera strap that came with your camera isn't bad...when you are using the kit lens that came with it or any other lenses that are less than a pound in weight, or when going on a not so lengthy walk just taking snapshots of whatever. When you are going hiking with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached to your body with the strap around the back of your neck you've got a problem. That weight tugging on your neck can give you neck strain that will stay with you for a couple of days...that's bad news when you're on vacation or on a trip.

The "R" logo that comes with the BlackRapid straps.
After using the BlackRapid RS-Sport strap, I swore to never go back to using the stock strap that came with my cameras. In fact I still have the stock strap that came with my 6D still brand new in packaging. I'm pretty sure that I'm never gonna bother using that anymore.
The RS-Sport-2 comes with a strap that goes under your arm.
BlackRapid straps are awesome for comfort. This is because the strap never goes around the back of your neck. It goes around your shoulder down to the bottom of your right waist. The shoulder supports the strap instead of your neck which is more comfortable. This relieves the wearer from neck pain.

Just grab and go when you are ready.
The BlackRapid RS-Sport-2 includes a strap that goes under your arm that prevents the strap from moving while you walk or take a shot with your camera. It keeps the strap in its original position no matter what. That's the difference of the Sport series strap from the regular BlackRapid strap such as the cargo, classic or curve. Other than that everything is pretty much the same.

The strap doesn't move and stays in place.
The strap comes with the BlackRapid Connectr (CR-2) which clamps on to the Fastenr (FR-3) which attaches to the tripod mount screw underneath your camera body. The mount is far I've never had my camera fall when I attach it to the RS-Sport-2. One thing you have to remember is to make sure you screw the safety lock in the Connectr when you attach it to the Fastenr, failing to do so may accidentally release your camera body from the strap. The camera basically weighs itself down when you're not holding it. It's kinda awkward at first but I got so used to it that I even attach a 400mm lens with my camera body attached to it and it still feels pretty secure.

The camera will weigh itself down when you're not holding it.
The RS-Sport-2 is nicely padded for that extra comfort that you need when taking long walks and hikes. I've brought mine to a hike for a couple of hours and I never felt any discomfort in my shoulders after.
The RS-Sport-2 comes with the box, strap, and the Fastenr that attaches to your camera.
The BlackRapid RS-Sport-2 is around $69 online. It comes with everything that you need to securely attach it to your camera. Try one and you'll never go back to your old strap. I highly recommend it. For more information about BlackRapid straps, check their link here.

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