Thursday, December 13, 2012

Canon 6D sample shots and Lightroom edits

Today, Adobe has released an update for Lightroom which now includes the Canon 6D as one of the supported cameras. As we all know, the 6D just came out about a week and a half ago and Adobe didn't have the camera raw support for it which is usually what happens when a brand new model gets released. Now that has taught me a lesson. When I got my 6D and started shooting with it in raw format, all my images had to be converted using the Canon Digital Photo Professional software so the files can be useable. I love converting my files in Lightroom and it was kind of a pain to convert it in a software I am not really familiar with.

Converting the raw files in-camera isn't so bad. The only thing is that it is really faster doing it on a computer. The modifications to the images are limited too. With Lightroom there are plenty more options in image adjustments. And that is good especially in a situation where you need more color and contrast as in the shots that I just did.

Well, Canon 6D owners should rejoice as Lightroom is now updated to 4.3 and Camera Raw to 7.3! I have been waiting for this since I got my 6D. Now I can convert my files easily.

I went to my favorite botanic garden to try out my 6D. Together with my Canon 17-40mm f/4 L lens and my Canon 70-200mm IS USM lens, I tested out photographing some landscapes and other stuff. I wanted to get used to the 6D's controls and menus. So far, I love it. It's not really that much different than my 5D MKII, except for that modified wheel and joystick combination and some button modification, it is basically the same camera...but better.

It was cloudy when I came so my clouds are grayish. There really is not much color in it. That's one disadvantage shooting on a cloudy day. Although the results weren't that bad. I was able to save my clouds in Lightroom. I didn't even have to bring these images in Photoshop except for putting the watermarks in them. Everything is pretty much done in Lightroom.

 The 6D is pretty much loaded with some features that you'll find in the 5D MK3. One of the most awesome feature is the lens aberration correction control. This allows you to use some lower quality lenses and eliminate or minimize the color fringes that the lens produces. This is also very useful for wide angle lenses such as the Canon 17-40mm f/4L...which is one of the lenses I commonly use.

 Now that the camera raw update is here, I'd be sure to enjoy shooting more with my 6D!

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