Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Brookfield Zoo 2012 photo contest

Brookfield zoo has just released the results for their 2012 photo contest...and I am one of the very proud winners!

The contest was open to everyone and is divided into an adult and children under 11 categories. My entry won 2nd place for the adult category.

My winning photo.

More about the photo...It was a hot day when I decided to go to my favorite nature center here in Illinois to take some bird shots. I brought with me my Canon 5D MK2 along with 2 lenses, my Canon 400mm f/5.6 and my 50mm f/1.8, I also brought my flash extender for the bird shots. As I was walking in the trails, I noticed these frogs that were just above the water filled with what I believe was algae. The birds were all over them, picking them out from the water one by one. So I decided to swap my lens from the 400mm to the 50mm. I think I actually brought the 50mm by accident. I thought it was the 100mm macro that was in my bag instead of the 50. The 50mm proved useful though as I can't get close enough with my 400mm. So I knelt down and took the shot. The frog that was in the shot actually didn't flinch. The shot came out as I wanted it.

Couple of months later me and my wife were walking inside Brookfield Zoo, a woman approached me and gave me a flyer for the photo contest. I then remembered this shot and submitted it. Luckily it won 2nd place!

Lesson really don't know what you'll come across when you are out shooting. So make sure you are prepared for whatever comes. I was prepared (somehow) and got lucky!

Click here for the Brookfield Zoo 2012 photo contest results.


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