Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Elmhurst Ghost Tour

Halloween is here and there are a ton of ghost walks around the area. We managed to get a discounted rate for a ghost walk in Elmhurst Illinois. We found this ghost walk entitled "Elmhurst's Voices from Beyond". It was organized by Voices from beyond tours. Basically what it is is the speakers guide you to a walk of the town, to some buildings that are haunted and they tell you the history behind every building. The tour guides consisted of a guy who was an ex detective at a police force and a lady who is from voices from beyond who goes around haunted places taking EVP's or Electronic Voice Phenomenon. 

Elmhurst college. This is where the tour starts. Mill theater which is here, is supposed to be haunted.

The tour covers these areas in Elmhurst:

Elmhurst College's Mill Theater (reportedly haunted by a former technical director)
St. Peter and St. Mary's Cemeteries (students report a "lady in white" wandering the cemeteries at night)
Wilder Mansion (Seth Wadham's "White Birch")
Elizabeth's Rose Garden
Chicago Fire Relic at Wilder Park
Site of the Crane Sanitarium
Glos Mausoleum
Glos Mansion (History Museum)

I started out the tour making sure I had the right equipment with me to take shots. Of course for this event, I chose my Canon 17-40mm f/4 lens so I can take wide angle photos of the places that we were going to. Unfortunately, we didn't go inside any of the buildings they were talking about in the tour. Still bringing an ultra wide angle lens with me at that time was well worth it.

It was freezing cold out and I had a sweater on. Basically I was freezing to death on the first minutes of the tour. It got better as we walked though. On tours like this, make sure you dress up warmly.

The Glos Mausoleum...probably the best location that I shot that night. The lighting was perfect.

The tour was good. The speakers hand out photos of how the structures looked like in the past. Sometimes the structure is completely gone now like the Crane Sanitarium. It's nice to see how the location looked like before. 

The best part of the tour was Wilder Mansion. The speakers talked about some haunting in this place in certain rooms and parts of the mansion. It was nice to know how the mansion was built as a residence and is now used for weddings. It is one of Elmhurst's historical buildings. Why is it the best part of our tour? My wife and I got married there last June! Actually where we had the ceremony, one of the speakers told us that there was a very negative energy presence in that particular area. That's nice to know!

The Glos Mansion (History Museum). It was crazy dark and this shot was handheld. 

At the end of the tour, we watched a short video about the places we visited. Also, we listened to some EVP recordings taken by one of the speakers. They were kinda freaky to tell you the truth. 


  1. Wow! Awesome photos of the locations! I was one of the tour guides on the tour (ex-cop) and I just loved the way the photos turned out! You have a definite talent

  2. Hey thanks! It was kinda dark during the tour, I'm glad the photos looked ok still.