Monday, August 27, 2012

Long grove Illinois Strawberry festival

Long Grove is a suburb of Chicago located northwest of Chicago. It's famous for its preservation of old style shops and its fun festivals such as the chocolate festival and the strawberry festival. Last June we visited the place to checkout their strawberry festival. 

 The Village Tavern...a famous American Bar/Pub in Long Grove.

It was around 90-95 degrees outside...pretty hot for the festival. Though it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The festival had plenty of stalls selling a ton of food from brats to chocolate flavored bananas. Of course there was a lot of beer. Hahahaha.

 Near the center of the town. This had a couple of shops in one spot.

There was a ton of people walking around, although it wasn't as crowded as I thought it would be. Some roads had to be closed for the festival which was nice as you can just walk in the streets without having to worry if a car will just drive and run you over. There were plenty of police officers to keep the pedestrians in order.

 The village fountain where a lot of people were just hanging out resting from the heat.

It was just fun taking shots of the event. From the vendors, to the band, there was just enough photo opportunities to keep any photographer busy. I used my 17-40mm F/4L to capture some beautiful shops around the area. It was pretty bright out so I didn't have to worry about lighting. I just set my camera to aperture priority and just left it there most of the time. 

I just had to pause and shoot this scene. It was too good to just let it pass.

Long Grove has a lot of shops to go to and a lot of fun events during the summer and fall. I highly recommend going here during festivals or to just check out the neat shops. Make sure you have your wide angle lens ready! Next event that we might go to is the Long Grove apple fest in September.

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