Monday, July 23, 2012

Surfers in Maine

On our way to Nubble lighthouse we came across some surfers battling the waves in Maine. We decided to just come back after going to the lighthouse as it was getting dark. We took a couple of shots of the lighthouse and then came back to see take shots of the surfers again. As always, the weather was still icky. Rained like three quarters of the day and when we got to our destination it was still raining. 

The bad weather didn't stop the surfers from enjoying themselves in the water catching some waves. So I parked the car, attached my 400mm to my 5D MK2, and headed towards the surfers. The sea was kind of rough near the shore. Carrying my camera body with a big lens attached while carrying my Lowepro 300 with expensive equipment in it, I just decided to stay near the shore. I wouldn't wanna risk being pushed by a big wave and falling down on the water and having equipment on my back while were in Maine. Besides, the 400mm gives me enough reach to capture surfers that were around half a mile away from where I was standing.

 I shot frame by frame and got great results from my setup. Though I wished I had a faster camera like a 1D...the 5D MK2 still performed very well. It was overcast and camera did give me good results even if I had to increase the ISO setting for some shots. That's the advantage of a full frame camera to a non full frame one.

After shooting, my camera and lens was drenched in rain. I trust the sealing in it so I wasn't worried at all. While we were walking towards our car a surfer asked me who I was shooting for...I just said, It's just for me. How I wish I was shooting for a sports mag or something.

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