Sunday, April 8, 2012

Going around Navy Pier in Chicago

For the 2012 Chicago flower and garden show we went to Navy Pier. As we all know, Navy Pier is one of the best tourist attractions in Chicago. Well, it's basically a pier in Lake Michigan. Navy Pier has it's own movie theater, ferris wheel, restaurants and many more. The flower and garden show is usually held here every year.

So while the flower and garden show is going on, I managed to go out and take some shots. My gear included my 5d mk2 and my 17-40L. Set my camera to aperture priority and off I went. An ultra wide angle lens is no doubt the best lens to take when going to navy pier. By the lake you have an awesome view of the Chicago skyline, with a lot of docked ships to photograph too.

This docked ship was awesome to photograph with the ultra wide angle lens.

The ever famous Navy Pier ferris wheel.

Chicago skyline by the pier

The ferris wheel, front view.

The shakespeare theater in the pier...taken while I was walking.

One of the lighthouses in the pier.

Another view of the shakespeare theater up close.

A sculpture in the pier.

Navy Pier is highly recommended for photos. I wish I could've stayed later to photograph the ferris wheel with a low shutter speed, Maybe I can do that sometime!

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