Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mom and Carter

My fiancee had a party at the beginning of the month and a couple of people came. Her 2 year old nephew was there too...and what better time to take shots again!

Carter actually just had his 2nd birthday weeks ago so it was the perfect time to take his 2 year old portraits. So off to the studio we went and did a couple of shots. It was perfect as he was in a good mood. All we basically had to do was hand him a cookie and then shoot! Well of course that only lasted for about half an hour but that's better than nothing.

For this shoot I really had no time to swap lenses or position the lights perfectly. We had to do it on the spot before Carter gets in a bad mood so I just grabbed my camera and shot the set. It was my 100mm macro which was in my camera the night before so that was what I used for this set. It actually was pretty good for a small studio setup. I usually go for my 50mm for shoots like this but I was impressed with the 100. The setup was really dish on top then a main light on the left side of the subject and boy did it produce good results!

Can't wait for the 3rd year shoot!

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