Sunday, October 9, 2011

Photos from a storm

I was lucky to be home one afternoon when a very brief storm hit. I was relaxing watching tv one late afternoon from work when the urge to go out and take a sunset shot hit me. It has been crazy cloudy and stormy the past few weeks and the clouds were almost perfect everyday. Though the thought of going out with my equipment in rain really didn't get me that excited, I was so fortunate that lazy afternoon that I just grabbed my camera and went out to take a few I did and this was the site that I saw:

A beautiful rainbow just in front of me.

The weather was insane...there was a wind blowing, around maybe like 40-50mph, and the rain was crazy. It is really not that obvious with the pictures but it was nuts. So I just stayed for a while in the patio to wait the rain out. I then went out again to take another shot. This time, the light has changed dramatically within minutes. I took a couple of shots and I got one that was so much different than the last shot I did.

The rainbow was still there though the lighting drastically changed.

The rainbow shots were all done hand held. No time to go back inside the house to grab a tripod. Although it would have been nicer as I could have used a narrower aperture for a sharper shot, but I'd rather get the shot right there instead of messing around with my equipment. That was why the 17-40L is a very wise decision for that on the spot scenic shot.

I guess I was in that crazy time zone in the afternoon where light dramatically changes. Which is also the perfect time to snap a couple of shots. I was so lucky to capture the rainbow right in front of me, it was the perfect timing for everything.

The storm finally stopped and it left a very nice cloud formation west of where I was standing. So I took shots of the clouds with the silhouettes of trees bordering the image.

The clouds have been so dramatic the past few days. This time I had my camera ready.

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