Saturday, March 19, 2011

Taking photos of light sources

Light sources are pretty tricky to take photos of.

You need to close your aperture tremendously so you block out the excess light that's coming into your camera, you can also opt to increase your shutter speed. If you don't do this, your photo would just end up all white. It's like one of those moments where you take a photo of a waterfall in slow speed at lets say...noon.

One very useful piece of equipment you can use for photographing light sources is a neutral density filter. I have an ND4 in my bag all the time. I'll discuss the neutral density in a future post.

For this photo, I came really close...using my 70mm macro with my camera on a tripod to eliminate camera shake. When you come close like this, any form of movement can cause your shot to be out of focus. Remember, tripods and macro shots always go together. This was shot at f14, 160/sec at ISO 100. I snapped on my ND4 to control the light. The settings are pretty normal considering I am aiming my camera at a direct light source.

Taking photos of light sources is kinda fun. Just be careful when looking at the viewfinder.

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