Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cameras that I use

A lot of people has asked me what kind of camera I use to take my photos. I use Canon cameras...not because I am a big Canon fan but ever since I started out using a dslr, I have always been used to using Canons.

Cameras in my opinion are tools...there's not a single brand of camera that will make you a better shooter. It takes training and hard work to achieve the shots that you really want. Of course there are features that a pro dslr have that has an advantage to a starter one but it all comes down to whoever is using it. It all depends on how you use it. I have seen some really good shots from a person who is using a disposable film camera you can buy from a drugstore. A lot of really well composed shots I've seen also come from people who are untrained in photography.

Here are the dslrs I am using right now:

This is my Canon 350d also known as the Rebel xt with a battery grip installed.

Installed is my Canon 28-135 lens which is my backup lens for shooting indoors or outdoors. My Rebel is a very good backup for me when doing a shoot especially if I don't want to swap lenses in the middle of a shoot which makes it so much easier on me and my dslrs due to the fact that I am not introducing dust on my sensors which can be a problem when shooting.

This is my Canon 50d which I bought last year because I want a bigger dlsr which has a pc port for studio lighting as I have so many wireless remote triggers fail on me in a middle of a shoot.

Installed is a battery grip which is really helpful for portrait shooting and it also makes it bulkier...which I love. also installed is my Canon 50mm 1.8 lens which is perfect for portraits. Little cheap lens which is perfect for low light shooting without breaking the bank. A lot of people were asking me why didn't I buy a full frame dslr such as the 5d mk2. Well, the 5d mk2 costs twice or more than I can afford body only. Of course, there are benefits of having a full frame dslr but I can't simply afford it right now. With a car payment, a share of the mortgage payment, and a hefty school loan, I think I'll pass for now, besides, I'll have enough money to buy better lenses, which in my opinion is a better move...which brings me to...

yes...that is my 70-200 IS USM canon lens which I just got a couple of months ago. And canon has just released a mk2 version of this which I can't afford either. The mk1 though works wonders for me so I'll stick to it.

These are my Sigma 18-50's. The one on the left is the 18-50 optical stabilized one, the one on the right is my Sigma 18-50 EX f2.8 Macro. The 18-50 OS was ok for everyday use. When I got my 2.8 version, I was surprised at the sharpness it delivered. Though lacking OS, which you would rarely use for this range, I'd still would go for the 2.8 version. So I decided to sell the OS version and just stuck with the EX one.

This year I'm hoping to get a Macro lens, either the Tamron 90mm or the Canon 100mm. We'll see what happens.

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